The Ride

by If You Will

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Our first EP, inspired by life. Hoping to spread love and positivity.


released May 6, 2014

Tracked and Mixed by: Sean Davis & Anthony Cardone
Mastered By: Julian David Silva of On Air Mastering
Album Artwork by: Joseph Shefski
All songs written by If You Will
Vocal samples taken from: "Bill Hicks: Revelations" (1993) and "Network" (1976)



all rights reserved


If You Will Scranton, Pennsylvania

Good vibes progressive rock trio from Scranton, Pennsylvania - Spreading love and positive energy through the power of music.

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Track Name: Universe
I like the sweat dripping down your back
The world, it crumbles and falls while we get crazy
Now we're humpin', bumpin' two somethings disgusting
Call it ugly but we're spreading the love, spreading the love, yeah.

The dust settles as two hearts slow down
I can feel yours drumming against my soul, I trace your hips to its rhythm
And your skin suits you well; Ivory blanket that holds me
Glowing light like a candle on shadows of doubt.

Wouldn't trade the world for what you're worth, you are my Universe
Plant the seed of love within your Earth, you are my Universe

I like the way you touch me, baby
Two bodies slip and they slide, the room gets hazy
Now I'm hittin', flippin' to different positions, got her barking after quittin' the mission, yeah
Spreading the love, spreading the love, yeah

Your eyes glisten in a moonlit room
I can feel yours peering into my soul
it glows right back through your window
The silence suits you well, flood me with grace by your presence,
You make sense of this puzzle that we're working out
Track Name: Metamorphosis
As we usher in the summer's end, we shed our dead leaves and grow new beginnings.
A steadfast metamorphosis; the colors reflecting the changes within me.

And as the leaves begin to change, we feel each other do the same.
As the summer starts to fade, we rid ourselves of our old ways.

The caged beast denies the right to shed the skin that binds.
Paving the path for destruction as lives are on the line.
Help me in finding myself amidst this faker's reign.
I am your humbled conscious saying "I'm not okay."

And as the leaves begin to change, we feel each other do the same.
As the summer starts to fade, we rid ourselves of our old ways.
Look back on all the mistakes you've made and realize how much has changed.
Don't lose hope when skies turn grey; Flowers bloom from gloom snow brings.
Track Name: Literally (Metaphorically)
Days are dark and I'm the cause
Set it up and watch me fall
From the ground the stars spell a different word then before I fell.
Things look up, lights my eye
Glass half full; interpretations in my mind

Feed the fire that you feel burn within your soul
Replace machines with priorities, the highest you hold.

Lights the flame.
A liar to the self lives a hell that one can change

Hearts bleed for the past
and speed for the future
and let the present slip away
it aches and it cries for desires we hide
in fear that they'll all be in vain
but to follow your bliss
means taking a risk
and diving into waters unknown
To joy you'll blind if you shut off the mind
And follow the path that you're told

stay on the beaten path ,you walk the plank
Dive right into what you'll make it

Feed the fire that you feel, burn within your soul
replace machines with priorities, the highest you hold
Track Name: 318 North Webster Ave
I lost my world but not the war
I traded new memories for cheap thrills and cold whores
i wake up with Doug unconscious on the floor
see it as coping, knowing I'm downward sloping
now I can't sleep

Nightmares of New Skies swallowed by the mountains
As all good things consume my dark
I can hear the echoes of a new song in writing
It beats through my heart

And I've found a home
in a room full of strangers
now I'll never be alone
I'm the aircraft you're my hangar

It isn't a house that makes a home
It's the love that's shown
Track Name: I Am, Because We Are
I Am, because we are.

Intimidation of the masses holds the cover over your eyes
Provides the guise of fear.
Pulling focus from the means to live for others
Think for yourself and you just may disrupt the system
It's obvious what they're doing here:
Twisting words so that we turn on one another

I see the signs
the tree of life provides for every vine
Why waste our days studying the difference between you and I?
We're playing for the same team
Aren't we striving towards the same dream?
Let's compromise the ride by riding fear with love

I am because we are

Weave the lie
spread it like a virus to the world
Make us obey
Take our minds and strap them to the ride
Make believe it's all okay
Guard us like dogs on a leash
Barking at the freedom that's just out of reach
Step off the ride and recognize that love is all you need.

I am because we are

The ride is a lie which many base their lives
Take the wheel, enrich the mind and shed some light.